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Endurance and Team Sport Athletes 

  • Are you looking to boost your fitness in the off-season? Check out this Newly Released Program: The Ray Lewis 52-Day Cycle Cross Challenge:  Athletes and hard core fintess buffs - if you are looking to ramp up your fitness like never before and take your game to the next level. This is the program for you! This program comes with: The Ray Lewis 52 Day Fitness Challenge Deck, Exclusive personal Login and Access to the online Ray Lewis TrainingPeaks Calendar and program, SpinerVALs with Ray Lewis, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.  You will also need: A Jump Rope,  Hand Weights (at least 2 sets such as a 5lbs set and an 8lb set) and Access to an indoor bike or a bike and a trainer. Go here to redeem at 50% off by entering in the code: Black Friday:



Get Fit Anywhere:  Beginners to Pros. Start Where You Are.

50% off The Ray Lewis 52 Day Fitness Challnege:  3 levels to choose from.  Rookie for Beginners, Amateur for Intermediate and Pro for athletes and hard core fitness enthusiasts.  No Gym or bike required!  Get fit anywhere. No excuses. Check out these client testimonials

Baseball Players

50% off Pre and Post-Season Baseball: Cycling for Team Sport Athletes.  Take Your game to the next level by introducing cycling workouts designed specifically for baseball performace to boost your anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. This training program is designed for baseball players who want to increase their on field performance, increase their stamina and reduce their injuries. Includes Vol. 1.0 & 2.0 Ray Lewis Spinervals DVD's for team sport athletes, a 30 min. initial consultation and unlimited emails with our Program Director Kristy Scheffenacker (Professional Cyclist, triathlete & Certified Personal trainer).

Spinervals with Ray Lewis No Limits and The 4th Quarter Grind

These intense cycling workouts will boost your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning! Great for increasing stamina and leg speed to improve your finish and stay in the game longer! 50% Off through Monday Novenmber 26th!